Unlock all your fears that have kept you from living your true gifts.
Learn to trust yourself & your intuition and connect with your radically fulfilling vision for your life and your work that comes from your soul.

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Over 12 weeks get Proof Of Life for your business. From dreaming and tinkering to confidence, clients and cash, it is the ultimate foundation builder for your soul business.  Build your business & get your 3 pilot clients delivering exactly what you love.

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A 5 day retreat immersed in luxury you unpeel all the layers that have kept you from your true brilliance to birth your business from the soul.   It is designed to find out who you really are, what you are called to do and to create your plan to bring the business to life.

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Am I open to the possibility to…
Am I open to the possibility to...? What if the construct by which you make ALL your decisions was simply not the truth you think it is??
Let’s talk about sex after kids
Sex after kids. You are either on the train where your husbands dangly bits are like bait in a shark tank. Or you on the train that is going in the opposite direction where the dangly bits have turned into a carcass hanging from a hook in a dirty side street in Cairo.
You Can’t Heal Your Circumstances Unless You Have Healed Yourself
The one big way you can heal your circumstances is to heal yourself first. Give all your thoughts over to how you want to feel and choose in the moment the things that feel light rather than the things you should.
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