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Kirsten Roberts

MY STORY story.

A windy one. But my absolute passion is helping chicks live Radical Lives full of joy, inspiration and abundance. I work with chicks to uncover their Inner Genius and create a business and life filled with joy, balance and abundant reward. I thrive in helping chicks lead their Radical Lives with the knowledge that their long held limiting beliefs and life’s expectations don’t define them anymore. Their life is exactly what they choose.

Really my career is based on been there done that. I was previously named one of Smart Company’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia and was CEO and co-owner of the franchised food group Spudbar. I setup a consulting arm for a big accounting firm and sold $7m worth of work in the first 2 years. And I have also done the nerdy thing and completed a MBA and Masters of Marketing.

I have also lost a shit load of money.

But I never felt completely me. I always felt like I was pretending, or had to have a mask on and play the corporate game for example. I felt like there was a piece of me missing and I was always searching. Frustrated. Pissed off at myself that with all my knowledge and skills and bloody letters after my name - I still hadn't found myself and felt that I was a success for me.

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But in all my experiences. The ups and downs. The borings (auditing at Ernst & Young straight out of uni is a case in point) and the walking the cliff tops has led me to this point. This point of being so connected to my true genius, my unique ability that I am awesome at and that I absolutely love doing. Living each day in excitement and fulfilment, completely authentic to me....but always learning and always growing.

It is my joy, my dream and my calling to be showing chicks all around the world how they can do the same. And to share with them my journey as I keep exploring how I grow and embody living a life with ease and flow. Showing them how they can Be Real. Be Rad. Be Free.

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About Kirsten Roberts

At age 40 Kirsten finally cracked the code for wild fulfilment, a thriving business & living her dreams. She inspires chicks to say HELL NO when they ask themselves "is this all there is"



Kirsten Roberts is an awesome individual who has inspired me to get off my ass and LIVE my life at it's fullest.

- Janet