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You Are Emotionally Abusive

You Are Emotionally Abusive & It's Not Going To Change.

You are you know. If you continually said to somebody else what you said to yourself on a daily basis, you would call that emotional abuse.In fact if you were on the receiving end of that abuse from a partner, your family and your friends would be urging you to get the fuck out of there.

"God you're shit Kirsten"
"There you go, fucked it up again. Can you do anything right?"
"You're such a crappy friend, you let everybody down"

And here is a real clanger that came into my head only last week when I was asking myself some deep questions.

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"You don't deserve riches, you are just a dirty slut"

OOHHHHHH now we are getting real #realtalk

Drown out your own words of brutality with kindness to yourself #realtalk

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I want you to pause and just listen. Listen to those voices that you don't even acknowledge, because it is just you. They have always been with you, whispering like trees rustling constantly in the background.

Just quieten. Be still. Listen. Acknowledge.

And breathe...


Because it can be brutal when you hear what you are really saying to yourself.
It can be brutal when you see the damage you are doing to your hopes, your self-belief, your happiness.
Brutal when we realise we will only ever life a life of mediocrity.

Mediocrity. There I said it.
Mediocrity in happiness, fulfilment, fun, love, sex, connection.
Because you have conditioned yourself to believe you aren't worthy of anything more. That it doesn't happen to people like us. And that I am only a good enough person when I am doing things for other people.

It is heartbreaking when we consider the absolute lashings we give ourselves and just believe that to be the norm.

And the only way it changes is to choose.

Choose to give yourself kindness.
Appreciate your wonderful gifts.
Acknowledge all you have achieved.
Applaud yourself for the challenges you have overcome.
And hug yourself tightly for exactly who you are.

Drown out your own words of brutality.
With words of yourself.
Acts of love....on yourself.
The gift of space...for yourself.
And truth and find yourself.

Be kind my gorgeous Rockstar.
For your heart is worth it.
Your soul deserves it.
The light of you is craving it xx