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Speaking My Truth. It’s Time To Break Free.

Fuck it. It’s time to stop beating around the bush. The magic is inside of me and it is ready to come out.

I just read my first post of @jane robson and it blew me away (this is the post here). She talks like I talk to my friends so why the hell aren’t I talking to you like that.

Too. Fucking. Scared.

Well not anymore. There is nothing to lose. Zero fucks to give. I’m saying it exactly how I think it is. All the words that are in my head.

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So here’s the real deal of what I think today.

1. My focus is being ecstatically fucking happy.

Not ok.
Not good.
Not even pretty good.
I keep working on me until my beaming bounces off the walls, walk around naked without giving a fuck, saying every word in my head, happy.

2. I am bloody good at what I do and I don’t show it enough. I can see your gifts before you do.

I can see the bullshit story you have running, simply by watching your actions and conversations.
I can show you a freedom with just how life can be lived, simply by finding who you really are.
It shits me though, because for you to see that you, get to trust me.
Yet you have spent your whole life controlling everything and managing outcomes and evaluating pro’s and con’s and not trusting.
So it is so hard for you to go there. But here is a question for you….
How’s that working out for ya?

3. I will take the painful lessons of going deep internally any day over having a life of “putting my big girl panties on” and bringing in the dollars because I have responsibilities.

That shit will keep you in a ground hog day of making the best of things, having a regular moan about life with your closest friends and generally just being average.
Complete self acceptance and self love is the path to wild fulfilment and that means feeling the pain of our internal stories so we can understand them and change them. I am all in for that.

4. My life is fricken awesome (although sometimes I forget how incredible it is when I feel like I’m not enough).

I look at my kids in awe and wonder that we get to go on this wild ride of life together.
I live in one of the most gorgeous places in the world in a small seaside village where I get to walk on the beach every day, surf, run with the kids and the dogs and see the most amazing wave action every single day.
I travel the world.
I hang with and get inspired by some incredible people around the world.
I talk from stage and make the audience cry then snort with laughter AND I get to have a freaking profound impact on people’s life.
And what is seriously awesome, my husband thinks I’m fucking amazing.

5. I have some serious money issues to sort through right now.

We lost a truck load on Rad Fest Live and I still owe money.
But if I am honest with myself, the money shit has been with me forever. I have always brought in excellent money in my career and business but have risked our money time and time again with no safety net.
I am getting better and better at it and continually learn a load of lessons and am looking forward to learning a truck load more.

6. And lastly I have gone full woo woo.

I meditate every day.
Listen to my angels and have amazing energy connections with crystals.
When I work with clients I have some psychic abilities reading into their business and life.
The poems I write are all channeled - I don’t know what is going to come out about what topic generally. I just put pen to paper and write the words that appear in my head.
I am full on spiritual and I love it.

So here’s the deal.
I know how many of you are sucking things up to get on with what you know, because you can’t see any other way out. You think it “should” look a certain way and you are so used to being in control in case, god forbid, you should get it wrong. Then everybody would stand around you in a circle and point their finger at you and go HAHA LOSER. YOU FUCKED IT UP. You took a step in life and it was WRONG.


The reality is that people who you think give a massive deal about all these steps you are taking, have their own “shit / fear of being in the middle of the finger pointing circle / not good enough-ness” going on.

A) They don’t give a rats about the lessons (there is no mistakes, only lessons) you learn on the way, they are getting on with their own shit, and
B) if they are judgy judgy about your choices, it’s because they are miserable on the inside and your choices make them feel so uncomfortable, because it reminds them of their cell like block they have built round their existence. The only thing their subconscious can do is to bring you down to make their tightly defined world ok.

So if you want to live your life being governed by the “what will people think” scenario then be prepared to spend your years not feeling good enough for people and running as fast as bastard (good Aussie saying) to prove to everybody that you are.

Or if you are ready to stop feeling shit on the inside, whilst you whack on the lipstick and put a smiley face on the outside, then we get to talk.

Real talk.

Not some superficial shit.

And I will tell you what I see. Your gifts. How your life could roll. Just how different it all could be. I will also let you see exactly what issue is stopping you and how the little fucker will keep dragging you down until you dive in and address it head on.

If you want that real convo, then register here for your call.

If you aren’t quite ready, I will keep poking you until you are.

Because you are fucking worth it. X

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