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Are You Suffering From Comparitis?

I’m here to bust you through one of the biggest limiting beliefs that can stop you from barreling full force into whatever it is your heart desires as you build your business. Because I’ve been stuck in the muck of what I call COMPARITIS before, and I want to help YOU find your way out.

What is it? Well… it’s when you look out into the world (ok, usually you look at Facebook) and you see someone who’s doing what you want to do. The thing is…

Maybe they’ve been doing it longer, or they have a huge following or they appear to have their shit together.

And rather than inspire you… it freezes you in your tracks.

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You begin to question yourself. “Am I good enough?” “How can I make an impact if SHE’S doing it already?” “She just looks like she has it together, there is not space for me?”

And sometimes comparitis has an even worse consequence. It’s something I’ve got to admit that I’ve done and I still feel sick about. I’ll tell you more about it in the video.

Watch it now so that you can learn how to stop comparitis, and get on with unleashing your incredibleness into the world

LISTEN LOVE: You are unique. You have the ability to connect with people that is only yours. A way that the women who you compare yourself too, DON’T. You are perfectly worthy of doing your thing, your way.

What would it be like to show more of yourself… Your true beliefs. Your message in your words. You in your natural life…….chaos. (OK, this is what I show you in the video… but hey… it’s ME!)

(And yes, diarrhea is often a topic of conversation at the kitchen table. Boys.)

Show more of you.  Show your journey.  Show your beliefs. You are unique & wonderful

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So how can you BE more you, and SHOW more you and STOP trying to be like anybody else? I’d love to hear about YOU… your dreams, your truth, and your vision in the comments below.

Rock On Being Your Natural Incredible Self

Kirsten xx

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